I have had a number of people ask me why in the world I named my blog shouting for ha. In short, it was inspired by my son. Here's the story...

The boy has always been incredibly verbal.  Believe it or not, he spoke in complete sentences by the time he was eighteen months old. In many ways it was wonderful to be able to communicate so well with the little guy.  At other times, I would longingly wish for just five minutes of complete silence.  

For the record, he has rarely been quiet since.

Anyway, shortly after the boy turned two, he began walking around the house shouting "AHHH!" at the top of his lungs. Keep in mind, this wasn't an occasional event.  The child did it constantly.

One evening, my hubby and I, who were tired of listening to all that racket, asked the boy why on earth he was shouting. His simple reply... "I am shouting for HA!"
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