The Caterpillar

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My boy has been studying caterpillars at school for the past few weeks. They even have some friendly little creatures hanging out in their classroom.

This weekend, he had to create a caterpillar of his own using any materials he chose. The caterpillar had to be between 6 and 24 inches long and have all it's parts accurately labeled.

Before he even told me about the project, he already had a design in mind. We took a trip to the local craft store for all our supplies. Apparently building a caterpillar isn't cheap.

© shoutingforha

The minute we got home, the boy got to work. My only contribution was squirting hot glue from the glue gun as the boy instructed. "Hey Mom, put a drop here..."

The boy decided that he wanted the caterpillar to look like it was "in nature." He glued some moss onto the big styrofoam base. Carefully placed river rocks made the landscape complete.

Notice all the eyes. The boy tells me that caterpillars have six eyes on each side of their head. Who knew?

After painting the styrofoam eggs with black paint, the boy added the big red stripe and multicolored dots using some old fabric paint.

© shoutingforha

The legs were made using black pipe cleaners. He used silver pipe cleaners for the bristles.

© shoutingforha
The project turned out so great, I'm actually worried that his teacher will think that I built it myself. That I'm one of those parents.

I am proud to say that I can't take any credit. The boy did it all. And what a great job he did.

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