Decorating With Skateboards

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We recently redecorated my son's room. He wanted "something really cool." Being slightly more practical, I wanted a room that he would be happy with for years to come. I didn't want to hear him asking to change things again anytime soon.

After several months of discussion, we settled on a plan... Three light tan walls, and one bold orange wall... Cool camouflage bedding, and a neutral rug... New roman shades, and a workspace for creating... Things were coming together nicely.

One of the things that my son requested was that we use skateboards to decorate his room. He wanted to use one as some kind-of headboard and another like a shelf. As luck would have it, my hubby came home with two old skateboards, just days later.

To make a headboard, I removed the wheels from one of the skateboards. I was left with a skateboard with eight holes. I then took eight long screws and attached the board directly to the wall at each of the screw holes. A clip-on lamp completed the project.

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The second skateboard that my hubby found was much smaller... perfect for a shelf. I attached two brackets to the back edge of the board, drilled two screws into the wall, and hung the shelf. The wheels of the skateboard are perfect for hanging bags, jackets and hats.

© shoutingforha
My son was really pleased with the end result. He now has a room that is exactly what he wanted. I am so happy he loves it.


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Thomas McKenzie said... Best Blogger Tips

You are quite a decorator. That looks great.

3kids2jobs1dog.com said... Best Blogger Tips

That is very, very cool!

Wani said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea!

Momof3 said... Best Blogger Tips

Good job on discussing and deciding with son. I think we often think we know best and forget to ask. All that talking resulted in a very unique and awesome room!

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