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As I mentioned last weekend, our yard has been buried under a mountain of leaves. In my estimation, approximately half an acre of our yard was covered in a pile at least a foot deep. I am not exaggerating.

The first year that the hubby and I lived in our house we foolishly bagged our leaves. I remember giving up after filling about 40 bags. It was ridiculous. We vowed to never bag leaves again.

With the possibility of rain looming in the forecast, the hubby and I decided that today was the day to dispose of the leaves for the season. For several hours, the hubby used the blower to move all the leaves into a giant mound. 

© shoutingforha

All you environmentalists out there might want to look away now.
As dusk fell, I raked a fraction of the leaves into a small pile and struck a match. Yes, we burned our leaves.

© shoutingforha

I was in charge of maintaining the perimeter of the burn pile. Using the rake I stirred the pile, making sure that the fire didn't spread. Meanwhile, the hubby kept pile after pile of leaves coming. 

© shoutingforha
Eventually, it started to get dark.

© shoutingforha

My heavens, was it ever hot! 

© shoutingforha

All that remains of our leaves is a thin layer of ash and a blackened spot in the back corner of the yard. I miss the piles of leaves that crunched under my feet. I am hoping that they will soon be replaced with a few inches of the white stuff.

A person can always hope.

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impressive work of a pyromaniac

burn baby, burn.

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