As Heard Last Night, vol. 2

The general rule around the Ha house is that the boy has to tidy up his room before bed. He tends to sleeps better when his things are picked up... a quirk that he unfortunately received from me.

As he headed to bed last night, I noticed that his floor was littered with action figures and ships/walkers from a Star Wars battle, stray darts from several Nerf gun wars with his Dad and his new EyeClops night vision goggles. It was a busy and exhausting day.

In the spirit of Christmas, or more likely in an effort to get an exhausted boy to bed, I decided to let him skip the nightly clean-up routine. The boy was thrilled.

Brick, the dog, had followed the boy into his room, flopped down on the rug and immediately began licking his paws (he is rather obsessed). The boy, who was concerned that the beast was enjoying a snack of Nerf darts and clone troopers, walked over to to see what Brick was smacking on. The dog immediately started licking the boys toes.

"Are you licking me for mercy? Are you, Brick?"
asked the boy.

"I know what you're doing,"
he said. "I'm so on to you, Brick. You are trying to get on my good side by licking my foot. You just want to eat my stuff."

"Stop licking me for mercy!" he shouted.

The beast, who was tired of the interrogation, decided to go chew his feet somewhere else. The boy climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.

Maybe my boy will have a promising career as a police detective or FBI agent.

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