Embellishing a Onesie

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One of the young fellows that works for my hubby is about to have his first child; a little boy they are going to name Harvey. As part of their baby gift, I decided to embellish a few onesies with the little man's first initial and a tiny neck tie. Won't that be cute?

For this tutorial, I am going to use a neck tie template. I made mine out of an index card, but any type of paper will do.

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Select your fabric. In this case, I repurposed an old dress shirt of my hubby's that was destined for Goodwill. Place the template on the fabric, trace around the edge and then cut it out.

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You will also need to cut an identical piece out of fusible web. The fusible web will not only add a layer of support to the applique, but will hold the applique in place as you sew.

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Align the fabric on top of the fusible web and arrange on the onesie. Once you are satisfied with the location of the applique, use your iron to fuse the three layers together. You are now ready to begin sewing.

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Load your sewing machine with a complimentary color of thread. Sew the applique onto the onesie using the zigzag stitch. The tight proximity of the stitches will stand up to all the wear an tear this garment will receive.

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Aren't they adorable? I'm pretty certain that I would compulsively make a few... or maybe a hundred if I had a tiny man of my own. Alas, my boy is entirely too grown-up to be caught dead in a shirt with a neck tie on the front.

© shoutingforha

Does anyone have a baby I can borrow?

To check out some onesies I embellished for a little girl, click here.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a really cute idea! And no, all my babies are girls...any ideas there?

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are adorable. You make the rest of us look so un-handy. I might do my own version and just scrawl on the onesies with a sharpie. I'm sure it would have the same effect...

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

These are just so cute! You are incredibly clever. I wish I would have had a friend like you when I was raising my children. Your friends are blessed!

Ooh Baby! said... Best Blogger Tips

These are very cute! I've often toyed with this idea for my etsy shop, but I don't have the patience for applique! Good for you.

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