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When the hubby and I moved to Nashville almost fifteen years ago, I didn't really consider it to be an artsy town. Musical, yes. A town filled with people skilled in fine art, not so much.

To our initial surprise, we have discovered that the Nashville area is filled with wonderfully gifted artists of all types. As our time in Nashville has increased, so has our collection of locally grown art. Here are some of my favorite pieces that we have amassed over the years...

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In 2004, the hubby commissioned the famed Jim Sherraden, of Hatch Show Print, to make some art commemorating our ten years in Nashville. The four pieces, which were my Christmas gift, are variations of the same print, a conglomeration of words, phrases, places and names that have a special significance for the Ha family.

Mr. Sherraden took those words, pressed them into four large pieces of paper and then hand inked each one. The three pieces shown above have a more artsy feel to them. They compliment each other, but have their own personality, so to speak.

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The fourth piece will unfortunately not be shown in its entirety (you know how I am about keeping certain information private). It has a more traditional Hatch Show Print feel and is a literal interpretation of the words. The piece is, hands down, my favorite and is one of the few things that I would want to try and save if my house was on fire.

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This piece is part of Paul Chase's Graphic Visions 2005 of Franklin Tennessee. I love the way he highlights the Civil War era architecture and the quaint vibe of the town.

© shoutingforha
Our newest addition is a collage-style work that the hubby purchased for my birthday. It's whimsical style is a departure from many of the traditional pieces that hang in our home. I love all the bright colors.

All of these one-of-a-kind works of art give our home a personal feel, which I love. I hope to add to our collection in the coming years.

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