Mom of the Year or Glutton For Punishment?

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The boy has been begging me to set up his fish tank... the one that has been living in our attic since the untimely death of his beloved Black Moor, Grill. It's the very same tank that I maintained and cleaned, all by myself, for several years. Believe me, it was no easy job.

In addition to constantly having to clean the filthy tank (a result of over-zealous feeding by my boy), Grill developed some type of fungus. I had to administer a variety of additives to his tank in an effort to save his life. Obviously they worked like a charm.

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After Grill met his maker, I told the boy that I needed a break from fish. He reluctantly understood and began making plans for a proper funeral. I began packing the tank and all the accessories before the boy had a chance to change his mind.

My boy can certainly be persistent. His "Let's Set Up My Fish Tank" campaign has been in full swing for three months. Last week, I finally caved in. I reluctantly climbed into the attic, which was
approximately the same temperature as the surface of the sun, and retrieved all of our fish keeping gear.

I had a hard time convincing the boy that it would take at least a few days b
efore the tank was ready for it's new tenants. We zipped over to PetSmart and purchased some new gravel, a lovely piece of decorative drift wood and a new light bulb. The result is a lovely habitat that the boy is sure the fish will love and that he can stare at day and night. 
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After administering some additives that regulate the ph of the water and adding a little aquarium salt (apparently this plays some role in fending off disease and assists in the gill function), the tank was officially ready. The boy's excitement could scarcely be contained. 

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Once again, the boy and I headed to PetSmart to pick out our first victims, I mean fish. The boy opted to start with a few Black Skirt Tetras. Our plan is to let them acclimate to the tank and then slowly add another species or two.
I am really hoping that this attempt at fish parenting will be successful. The boy has already dedicated a few bedtime prayers in the hopes that will live a long life. I'm sure he heard my softly whispered Amens.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck with the fish! We have many victims, I mean pets, buried around our yard. :0)

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