Trying on Clothes is Torture

My boy was forced to endure the semiannual let's-try-on-all-your-clothing-and-see-what-fits-because-you-are-growing-like-a-weed extravaganza. Let me tell you, the child was not happy about it.

Nothing sends him spiraling into the depths of despair like being forced to try on clothing... or shoes. He immediately begins to writhe around on the ground begging me not to torture him. Forget waterboarding, putting on clothes should become the interrogation device of choice.

I kid, I kid.

We usually partake of this ritual sometime before school starts. It provides me with an opportunity to survey the boy's wardrobe and make purchases to fill in any gaps that are found. It also allows me to purge any worn/stained items, organize the boy's closet/dresser and set aside clothing that will be saved or passed down.

Overall, the boy handled the situation quite well. He managed to maintain his composure, except for the three times he collapsed on the floor and pretended he was suffocating because his pants were too tight.

Maybe he should consider a career as an actor.

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Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

HA! I love it.

Futsak said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny. My girl would think it was the closest thing to a party! Boys...

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

My kids feel the same way...I still have yet to do all of that! Ugh!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

homefront torture...poor boy.

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