How Early is Too Early?

Saturday was my 17th anniversary. Our dear neighbors were kind enough to invite a rambunctious eight-year-old redhead to spend the entire day and night at their house. It was a rare treat since all of our family lives approximately 1,200 miles away.

After enjoying a leisurely morning around the house, the hubby and I ventured out into the real world. One of our stops was the Apple store where I got this.

Happy Anniversary to me.

The Apple store is located in Nashville's Green Hills Mall. Upon entering the mall, we heard what sounded like a group of children shouting in the distance. As we drew near, it became clear what they were shouting... "TRICK-OR-TREAT!"

Really? Trick-or-treating on September 19?! In my humble opinion, the idea seems nothing short of insane.

For years, the powers that be have been inching their holiday merchandising up ever so slightly each year. Valentine's Day kicks off as soon as the New Year's confetti is swept up off the floor. Halloween costumes can be purchased alongside school supplies. Christmas decorations compete for shelf space with those celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a little frustrating.

Time, all on it's own, seems to be racing by at an alarming rate. Do we really need to speed things up by rushing from one holiday to the next?

I also wonder what kind of message this is sending to our children. "Hey kids. If you feel like celebrating Halloween in the middle of September, go on ahead. You can do whatever is best for you, forget about everyone else."

I for one, prefer to celebrate my holidays on the actual day itself. Call me crazy. Halloween honestly hasn't crossed my mind. I will worry about the boy's costume and having ample candy reserves sometime in October.

What do you think? How early is too early?

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you! I like to anticipate a holiday coming up...not zoom through them!

And when you mentioned the Apple Store...I was thinking real apples...lol! Technology just didn't enter the brain...great present though! Love it!

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