Clear(er) Vision

My hubby is one of those people who has been gifted with better than 20/20 vision. I, on the other hand, have worn contacts since the age of thirteen. I was apparently complaining that I couldn't read the chalkboard and a quick eye exam discovered that I was slightly nearsighted. Both my parents wear glasses, bifocals to be specific, so it wasn't a big surprise.

I can still remember driving home, new contact lenses in my eyes, and thinking, "Wow. The leaves on the trees are actually pointed." The change in my vision had been so gradual that I didn't notice as things began to blur.

I have been fortunate that over the past twenty-three years, my vision has hardly changed. In fact, I have had the same prescription for twelve years.

Over the past few months, I began to notice that something was a little off, especially with my right eye. I was sure that this change marked the beginning of my downward spiral into bifocal land.

Well, today was my annual eye exam. I truly expected the doctor to tell me that he was upping the strength of one or maybe both my lenses. Imagine my shock when he told me that my vision hadn't worsened. On the contrary, it had actually improved.

At this rate, I should be glasses and contact lens free by the time I am sixty.

The only new development is that I seem to have a very slight astigmatism in my right eye. The defect is so small that it is of virtually no consequence. With the help of contact lenses, my left eye can see better than 20/20. Because of the astigmatism, my right eye can only be corrected to a perfect 20/20.

The only way that I can tell the difference is if I use one eye at a time. Since I have no plans to become a pirate or turn into a crazy winking lady, I don't foresee it causing any problems.

Our vision insurance has always covered the cost of glasses. Since my script hadn't changed in over a decade, I had a hard time justifying the need for a new pair each year. I currently have five pairs, each one unique, but all with the same prescription.

My newly improved eyesight has me thinking that I might enjoy a new pair of spectacles. The hard part will be finding something different than the ones I already own. Any suggestions?

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Congrats on the better eye sight!!

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