The Gentry Farm

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Fall has officially arrived in Middle Tennessee and I couldn't be happier. Blue skies, crisp cool air, the trees aflame with gorgeous colors... I am in heaven.

Every October, the boys and I take a trip to the Gentry Farm, a 7th generation farm located just west of Franklin, TN. If you live in the area, chances are a visit to the farm is on your October to-do list. It is something my family looks forward to each year.

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We decided to invite some friends and their three children (ages four, two, and a newborn) to join us this year. Despite the age difference, the boy always enjoys our time spent with this family, except when the four-year-old little girl asks him to play "getting married."

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The kids had a great time exploring the barn maze, log cabin (with it's own tiny outhouse), tire swings, and various other hands-on activities.

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The boy seemed especially fascinated by the chickens. Perhaps I should consider getting some chickens for the boy to raise. Farm fresh eggs, right in my own backyard... I'm sure my city-loving hubby would be thrilled about that. 

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While on the hayride, we caught a glimpse of this baby calf born the night before. The mama cow stood protectively over her new little one as we drove past. In all, there were twenty-three new calves on the farm.

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A highlight for the boy is a walk through the four acre cornfield maze. This year, the hubby decided to run ahead, hide, and then wait for the boy and I to find him. We had a great time wandering through the rows of dried corn.

While my boy still loves visiting the Gentry Farm, I know it won't be long before he loses interest in all of the activities geared towards the younger crowd. The thought makes me a little sad (cue a heartbreaking rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset").

For now, I am going to cherish these moments while they last.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh what fun for the HA family and their friends.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

We went on Sunday after church and had a blast! All of our kids still had a lot of fun since we only go once a year...so, maybe you'll have many more years of fun!

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