A Christmas Recap

We had a delightful Christmas here at the Ha house. How about you, dear readers? I certainly hope that your holiday was equally as enjoyable.

My only complaint was that our house is located in the dreaded no-snow zone. While two-thirds of the United States enjoyed a white Christmas, we had temperatures in the lower 40's with strong winds gusting to 30 mph. All of the chill, but none of the thrill.

I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas... Sigh.

For the past several years our Christmas Eve meal has consisted of whatever sounded good at the time. This year was different. We enjoyed the traditional Ha family meal... Grandma Ha's seafood pasta sauce. Lobster, clams, muscles, shrimp, crab legs... all swimming in a garlicky tomato sauce. Was it ever delicious.

What brought about this change for the tastier? Why the boy, of course. Despite his partial Italian roots, the child refused to put tomato sauce on his pasta. He would drink the stuff straight out of a glass, but wanted to eat his noodles adorned with only a little butter and Parmesan. Something changed a few months ago and the boy now eats his pasta like a good little Italian boy should.

After our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, the fellows and I decided to attend our church's Christmas Eve service. The candlelit service began at o'dark thirty, better known around here as 10:30 pm. We weren't sure if the boy would make it until the end, but to our surprise he didn't expire until he was safely buckled into the car for the ride home.

Needless to say, the hubby and I were up entirely too late. After lugging the boy from the car to his bed, we had to wait to make sure he had slipped back into his coma-like sleep before starting our jobs as Santa's little helpers.

Plus there is the part where I had to drink the eggnog and eat all of the cookies and carrots that the boy had left for the jolly old soul and his reindeer. It was hard work, but somebody had to do it.

Despite the late night, the boy was up at 7:00 sharp on Christmas morning. When he barged into our bedroom shouting, "Wake up! Christmas has arrived," I was
in the middle of a strange dream and was completely disoriented. It took me a solid minute to figure out what in the world the child was talking about.

As I stumbled out to the living room, my eyes locked on what will forever be known as one of the best gifts I have ever received...

A baby blue Novara Mia Cruiser. My guys had secretly purchased it weeks ago and stashed it at the hubby's office. Sneaky fellows.

The Cruiser is hands down, the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. The seat is so squishy that I could literally ride for miles. I may even add a basket so that I can use my new wheels to run errands.

The boy is pushing for a nice metal basket. I, on the other hand, am leaning towards this little wicker number. Isn't it cute?

When I first showed the wicker basket to my boy, he proclaimed that it would make me "look like a girl" when I ride my bike. I responded, "Newsflash, son. I AM a girl." Apparently he had forgotten.

Speaking of the boy, he has now reached the point of total exhaustion. He has spent the past two days playing with the new accessories that go with his Playmobil Pirates and Knights sets, hunting for buried treasure with his metal detector, fighting off the Clone army with his Star Wars Turbo Tank, and pounding out endless beats on his drum kit inspired by his new cymbals, cowbell and tambourine.

Check back in tomorrow to hear about the hubby's favorite gift. Until then, I hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend.

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Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

The perfect Ha family christmas! Glad it was wonderful. And, LOVE THAT BIKE!!!

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh! Love that bike! Have fun riding.

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