Behold, Another List

I am aware of the fact that my posting has been sporadic, to say the least. In an effort to bring you up to speed on all the riveting things happening around here, I give you another dreaded list. Proceed at your own risk.

1) The boy has formed a band, Raging Thunder, with some friends at school. According to their highly scientific calculations, they only need to write twelve songs for their first platinum record. I'm sure a world tour won't be far behind.

Raging Thunder is composed of four members: My boy - drums, J. #1 - the second drummer turned background vocalist (although it is rumored that he can't sing), J. #2 - bass, and C. - acoustic guitar. I will be serving double duty as both the chauffeur and roadie. Lucky me.

2) I have successfully completed three projects here at the Ha house. I managed to clean out the boy's closet without becoming trapped under a pile of rubble. Can you say pack rat? I also spent an entire day reorganizing and purging things from our main storage closet.

It's amazing how tidy things feel when you throw out four trash bags of junk and take a truckload of stuff to Goodwill.

For my third project I decided to paint our den. It only took me two years of yapping about it to get the job done. Better late than never.

3) I have a horrible cough. No cold. No runny nose. No fever. Just a miserable, nagging cough that seems to be aggravated by talking.

For many people this wouldn't pose much of a problem. I, however, have an eight-year-old boy that seems to thrive on a diet of deep, heartfelt conversation. By the time he is safely tucked into bed, I sound like a 93-year-old woman that spent the better part of her life smoking four packs of Lucky Strikes a day.

The only person more tired of this cough than I am is the poor hubby. It seems that for some reason his sleep has been slightly disrupted this week. I thought everyone loved to be startled awake at night by violent outbursts of hacking.

4) The National Weather Service has posted a winter storm advisory for the Middle Tennessee area starting on Thursday night. According to the report, "There is a strong possibility of significant snow and ice accumulations occurring by the time precipitation tapers off late Friday night or Saturday morning."

With an ominous warning like that, I'm surprised school hasn't been canceled already. Three-day weekend, here I come.

5) One of the hubby's brothers got engaged over the holidays. We are thrilled that he has found such a wonderful girl to spend his life with. Preparations are already underway for the wedding which will take place this fall. I can't wait!

6) I have been baking bread from wheat that I ground myself.
When I told my sister about my new endeavor, she asked me if I planned on churning my own butter too. Insert her hysterical laughter here.

The bread is delicious and surprisingly easy to make
. If I can remember to take some pictures when I bake the next loaf, I will post the recipe on my other blog. You know. The one where I neglect to write about all the tasty food we eat.

Now that you have been sufficiently bored, I am going to sign off for the day. With any luck, I will have something more interesting to tell you about tomorrow. Until then...

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice to hear from you. How dare you do all these productive things around your house and leave us blogless for so long! How selfish can you be... ha ha! I'm sure I'll see you on Friday when the second "blizzard of 2010" hits. Don't blink. You may miss it!

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll be praying about your cough...being sick is no fun!

And the weather...UGH! I'm tired of snow...what little we get...lol! I guess I better head to the grocery store tomorrow morning (with the rest of our town) and start getting supplies. Lol!

Maybe we can get the boys together to go sledding... :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Indeed a busy Mrs. Ha.

Hope cough subsides before you croak.
Take care of yourself.

You, a CO girl, can rightfully ask, "Do they know what a snow storm is in TN?"

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