The Great Blizzard of 2010

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Greetings from snowy Tennessee! The massive winter storm that swept across much of the country dumped 4 inches of snow here at the Ha house. This Colorado girl is practically giddy with excitement.

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In true Tennessee form, school was preemptively canceled Thursday evening, long before the first flakes began to fall at around 9:00 Friday morning. And fall it did. Giant fluffy flakes rained down well into the night.

Speaking of rain... The beast wanted to go outside around 10:30 last night. When I opened the back door, I realized that it was actually raining. The result was a thick crust of ice on top of the snow.

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Walking in the stuff is like...

Do you remember Magic Shell? Imagine, for a minute, yourself as a child. Then imagine that you pour a solid quarter inch of Magic Shell on your ice cream and t
hen wait for it to harden. The crunching and crackling sound of your spoon breaking through the chocolate coating... that's what it's like to go for a walk outside.

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In all my years growing up in Colorado, I have never seen anything like it. In some places the ice is so thick that I can easily walk across the top without leaving so much as a footprint. In others, walking becomes a chore as the ice gives way, plunging my feet into the snow beneath. 
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As far as we can tell, the majority of our little town has completely shut down. Terrified Southerners are held up inside their homes, too nervous to venture out on the icy roads. Even the main roads are virtually deserted. 
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Not ones to be deterred, we spent the majority of the morning exploring the great outdoors and sledding with the neighbors. Once we were sufficiently frozen, we came inside to enjoy mugs of hot chocolate and oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie bars while our clothes went for a spin in the dryer. As I speak the boy is getting dressed for round two.

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The temperatures are supposed to stay below freezing for the duration of the weekend. The steep, winding, tree-covered country roads will probably be impassible for days. With any luck, school will be probably be canceled yet again on Monday.

Have I mentioned that I love snowy days in Tennessee?

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Enjoyed the sledding. I have a lovely bruise coming up on my knee where I wiped out on the front lawn. It sure was fun though!

mom c said... Best Blogger Tips

Snow on all those trees has turned TN into a magical winter wonderland.
Enjoy the sights, sounds and snowing fun with the Ha men.
Luv ya.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

We had fun sledding up at the school! Never thought of it before this year! Did you try there?

Watching the dogs run around outside first thing this morning was funny: Daisy feet kept falling through the snow and her look of disgust as she had to pull her feet out...while Vandy, being only 8 lbs., didn't even make a footprint on the ice-covered snow...and her little legs where skidding all over the place (like Bambi on ice...lol).

It's been fun today...so much snow...but, I'm not fond of the ice on our end of the street...kind of stuck at home...except for where we can go by foot. And I'm sure there will be no school on Monday. :)

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