The Bandage

I burned the inside of my wrist on the edge of cookie sheet on Monday. I was roasting some broccoli for dinner and a little redhead accidentally bumped my arm. Such is life.

Normal people would just slap a band-aid on the thing and move on with their lives, but not me. I have a horrible allergy to the adhesive found on all bandages and medical tape. The presence of a band-aid on my skin for even a few seconds will result in a bright red, raised and itchy rash that will last for the better part of a month. Subsequent scarring is likely to occur.

As far as I can tell, the only parts of my body that are immune are my fingers and feet. Aren't I lucky?

The reaction is so severe that I had actually considered giving birth without an epidural. After passing a ginormous kidney stone prior to the delivery, my worries about the rolls of medical tape and subsequent claw marks from all the scratching became inconsequential.

And so my love affair with Benadryl began.

For injuries such as a burn, I have come up with a rather creative, and according to the boy, a horribly embarrassing way to keep them covered. Behold...

© shoutingforha
The wound itself is covered in a healthy slathering of Balm for Cuts and Scrapes. I then apply a thin layer of cotton and wrap my entire wrist in gauze. Isn't it beautiful?

© shoutingforha
Wearing this type of bandage is especially attractive during the summer months when long pants and sleeves are discarded for more seasonally appropriate attire. I think it adds a little something special to just about any outfit.

Be sure to watch for this new fashion accessory to start popping up on runways in Milan and Paris this spring. I hear it's all the rage.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

sorry to hear of burn
hope you heal quickly

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Praying you heal quickly!

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