Gray Snow

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For the fifth day in a row, I woke to an uncommon sight... my entire yard covered under a blanket of white. I could really get used to this snow during the winter thing.
I love the fact that our great city has minimal snow removal equipment. It guarantees endless days of winter fun should a real snow storm hit. Thanks to The Great Blizzard of 2010, school is canceled for the third straight day.

While I am delighted to have yet another day off, the thought of returning to those frenzied school mornings is enough to make me want to crawl back in bed for a few months. I would like to suggest that we jump ahead to summer vacation and try this whole school business again in the Fall.

Who's with me?

After spending almost three entire days sledding and drinking hot chocolate, I had to drag the boy on some errands yesterday. As we drove around town, I noticed a beautiful sight... mound after mound of dirty, gray snow.

I know most of you are wondering what I'm talking about. Gray snow, beautiful? Allow me to explain.

For me, seeing the dirty snow piled along the sides of the roads and parking lots brings back memories of twenty-one glorious winters spent in Colorado. It made my heart glad to realize that we had enough snow and that it stayed on the ground long enough to turn gray.

I know, I know. This officially makes me weird.

With temperatures in the mid 40's, I have no doubt that the landscape will revert back to it's usual snow-free appearance all too soon. That's alright. Now that Punxsutaney Phil has seen his shadow, I'm going to hold out hope for just one more snow day before Spring makes an appearance in just six short weeks.

Yes, it's a long shot, but why not dream big?

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

makes sense to me, another Coloradan.

enjoy the grayness before its melts.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

You should be happy to hear that school will start 2 hours late tomorrow...so, it will give us all a little more time to adjust back into the frenzy of school. :)

I'm with you on starting summer early and waiting for school to start next Fall! It would make my life much easier!

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