A Little Bit of This and That

Because I know you love lists...

1) I am proud to inform you that I have now entered the twenty-first century. After years of resisting, I am now the proud owner of a shiny, new Blackberry. Exciting isn't it?

Many people have been surprised that this Mac loving girl didn't opt for an iPhone. My reasons were two fold. First, the iPhone service provider is known to be pretty crappy here in my neck of the woods. Second, I just couldn't justify the monthly service charge. My current cell phone company was offering unlimited talk, text and data for $79.99/month. I couldn't resist a good deal.

Just think. Now that I have all this technology at my fingertips, I can update you via Twitter on every detail of my life as it actually happens... "I'm at the grocery store buying a block of cheese and six apples." "I wish my son had better aim when he uses the bathroom. Time to do some scrubbing." "Sitting in the pick-up line at school and filing my nails to pass the time."

The possibilities to bore you are endless.

2) On a similar note, the hubby and I decided to get rid of our home phone. It was a hard decision, mainly for sentimental reasons, since we have had the same number for the past 14 years. Cue the sad music.

What finally pushed us over the edge? In early 2009, we started receiving phone calls meant for
a local pharmacy . Over the past year, the calls have continued. I have spoken with an unrelenting flood of people, mainly elderly, who are trying to refill their heart and blood pressure medications.

It became clear that we had to choices. Open the Ha Family Pharmacy, or ditch the home number. The later seemed like the easiest option.

3) You may recall that I received a speeding ticket back in January. As a result, I had the privilege of spending four hours at Traffic School on Saturday morning. Needless to say, my expectations were extremely low.

My last session in Traffic School was over ten years ago. At that time, the instructor spent the entire class explaining how to safely drive in the snow. While I have managed to block most of it out, I can still remember her instructions to "yank the wheel and slam on the breaks if you feel yourself start to slide."

And so began my crippling fear of other Tennessee drivers.

To my surprise, the class on Saturday was rather enjoyable. The instructor was delightful and the information was actually useful. Wonders never cease.

4) We are going to be doing some fun stuff over the next few weeks. My posting may be spotty (shocking, eh?), but I will have lots of great pictures to post.

Until next time...

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm green with envy over your Blackberry!
Lol...Just kidding...Congrats! :)

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