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As I've mentioned before, the hubby and I have a love of thrift stores. Few things bring us greater joy than finding a treasure for a mere fraction of it's original price. We're weird like that.

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast Saturday morning at one of their favorite restaurants, the hubby decided to drag the boy along on a quick stop at one of our local thrift stores.

As a side note, the boy does not share the hubby's deep love of bargai
n shopping. He simply lacks the stamina required to locate the occasional gem amidst the mountains of polyester clothing, macrame wall hangings and stained sofas.

The boy was trudging along, repeatedly asking, "How much longer?" when something caught his eye. "That is so cool!" the boy proclaimed.

When the hubby looked up, this is what he saw...

The worlds largest St. Patrick's Day mug.

You may recall that our red-haired boy was born on St. Patrick's Day and, as a result, has embraced the Irish holiday as his own. He has grand plans to use the cup while enjoying a giant birthday root beer float. One so large that it will no doubt be chased by a swig of Pepto Bismol.

Have I mentioned how much I hate root beer?

I'm not sure who is more delighted with this thrift store find, the boy or the hubby. It has become part of the hubby's mantra... "I told you Goodwill is great. You never know when you might stumble across a hidden treasure like that mug."

Since the big purchase, I've had a few nightmares. It's always the same thing... The cute St. Patrick's Day mug morphs into a beer stein overflowing with green beer. Meanwhile, throngs of onlookers offer to buy the red-haired man another drink in honor of his fortuitous birth.

As a result, I've decided to devote myself to a solid twelve years of worrying about my boy's twenty-first birthday. I need something to do to keep me out of trouble.

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Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Only your boy would find such a thing, I love it! And, we'll pray against that flowing green beer and the phrase, "bar keep, another round!" Or, that he at least be sensible about said endeavors. :)

Nana o' Duffy said... Best Blogger Tips

Irish is as Irish does.
Boy Ha is doing his "green" heritage justice...Bottoms up, laddy!

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