Washington, DC... Part 3

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This will be my third and final post about our Spring Break trip to Washington, DC. Tomorrow, I would like to tell you about a spur-of-the-moment excursion we made on the final day of our vacation.
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The hubby and I were visiting DC just weeks after the Korean War Veterans Memorial first opened. It was one of my favorites back then, and I can say that after all these years, my opinion hasn't changed.

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There is something almost haunting about the larger-than-life statues depicting a squadron of soldiers on patrol, all set against the backdrop of ghost-like faces etched in the black granite. It gives me chills.
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We also took the boy to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Wall is inscribed with over 58,000 names. It is impossible to walk along the wall, witness dozens of family members making rubbings of the names of their loved ones, and not be moved.

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Any trip to the DC wouldn't be complete without a visit to The White House. Due to the increased security thanks to those now infamous party crashers and our State Representative's outspoken stance on the recent Health Care Bill, our view of the President's residence was restricted to behind the fence.

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Despite my best efforts, there are so many incredible sites that I have neglected to show you in these three simple posts. Places like the Library of Congress (pictured at the top), the Supreme Court (pictured below), Ford's Theater, Arlington National Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, The Pentagon, the National Archives...

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I could also tell you about all of the delicious meals that we ate including the Maryland crab cakes that were bigger than my hand. I am not exaggerating. With the exception of breakfast, the boy ate seafood for every single meal during our trip.

Washington, DC is one of the places that every US citizen should visit, at least once in their lifetime. It is a great place to learn about our history, both past and present, and to ponder the decisions we make going forward. As history has taught us, they will have lasting repercussions for our future.

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gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! What an incredible adventure. I agree, every American needs to see D.C.

I've never been. It's on the grand list...

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