Things are a little crazy around here so I don't have time for a proper post. Please accept this random list as a token of my love and affection.

1. I gave Brick a bath. Despite his hatred of being wet, the dog didn't try to run away. It was a Cinco de Mayo miracle. He stood there, perfectly still, while I washed his 92-pound frame. He even let me partially dry his fur with my blow dryer.

Call me crazy, but I think the beast may have actually enjoyed it.

The only drawback is that all the vigorous scrubbing seems to have loosened Brick's thick undercoat. I have removed approximately nine tons of hair using the wonderful Shed Ender. I know that may be a slight exaggeration, but all joking aside, it was enough hair to stuff a large pillow.

2. Everything stinks around here.
The health department reported that they found Tetanus and Hepatitis lurking in the flood waters. Anyone who came in contact with the water has been encouraged to get vaccinated. I get grossed out just thinking about it.

As the nasty waters have receded, the landscape has been left with a brownish-gray coating of dirt which is now being blown all over the place. The result is foul smelling air and a lot of stuffed up noses, mine included.

3. It is Teacher Appreciation Week up at the boy's school. The catastrophic flooding has resulted in many of the teachers not being as appreciated as they were in previous years. Such is life.

I was asked to take dinner to my boy's teacher tonight. In an effort to be thoughtful, I asked Dr. M. what types of food he enjoys. His response... "Well, for dinner I think I would enjoy some nice shrimp and grits. I have loads of salad stuff at home, so you wouldn't need to bring that. And for dessert... I think I would enjoy some lemon or lime squares."

Apparently I look like a short-order cook. Grits anyone?

4. In all my spare time, I am feverishly working on a crafty project for a one-year-old's first birthday on Saturday. I'm not going to share any of the details now, but promise to post some pictures of my completed masterpiece.

I have to run now. Until tomorrow...

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you make Dr. M what he requested? Lol! :)If you did, I'm truly amazed!

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