The Sleepover

My boy seems to have been born with an inherent aversion to sleeping anywhere other than his own bed. The child won't even stay at his Nana or Grandma's house by himself. For some reason, he just likes to be home with his good old Mom and Dad.

I can't say that I blame him... We are just that great.

When the boy was in Kindergarten, one of his new little friends asked if he would like to spend the night. Without any hesitation my boy replied, "I really don't know your parents and I am not sure that they will be able to keep me safe. I don't think I want to sleep over."

The little boy just stood there, stunned. Needless to say, the invitations have dwindled over the years.

Despite the constant rejection, the boy's closest friends have continued to throw out an occasional invite. Each time I enthusiastically respond, "How fun! You should spend the night! So-and-so's parents are great! I know you would have the BEST time!"

It never works.

Well, I am happy to report that a miracle happened last week... My boy spent the night at a friend's house. Will wonders never cease?

Apparently the boy and his friend decided (with the grown-up's blessing) that they were going to try and stay up all night long. At around 4 a.m., they became so exhausted that they finally gave up and went to sleep.

According to the friend's mom, G., my boy walked into the master bedroom and called out, "Mom?" sometime during the wee morning hours. G. woke up and said, "Hey buddy. Are you OK?" My boy responded by muttering a bunch of jibberish and then repeating, "I'm good... I'm good," over and over again.

Realizing that my little guy was sleepwalking (something that he is prone to do when he is especially tired), she suggested that he go back to bed. He immediately climbed into her bed and sat down between G. and her husband.

I will admit that I was relived that the boy opted to sit on top of the bed instead of climbing under the covers, as he most-likely would have done at home. Although, in retrospect, it sure would have made a funny story.

With a little coaxing, G. managed to get my boy back into his own bed where he promptly fell asleep until 11:15. He arrived home later that afternoon exhausted from a lack of sleep, but excitedly talking about "the next time he spends the night somewhere."

My only hope is that next time, there will be a little more sleeping and a little less walking.

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