The JAM... Part 1

My boy started his first week at The JAM Summer Music Camp yesterday. The hubby, who had the day off, decided to drive the boy and make sure that the anxious little guy was all settled. I waited anxiously at home for the hubby to return with a full report.

After signing the boy in, the two walked to the auditorium for the morning announcements. The hubby told me that the boy seemed especially small as he made his way to one of the seats up front. Many of the older kids had friends at the camp and were excitedly greeting one another. Aside from the hubby, our boy didn't know a soul.

The boy nervously took a pair of drum sticks from his bag and held them in his hands. One of the older boys approached and asked what band he was in. Within a minute they realized that they were in the same afternoon band... our boy, the drummer, the other boy, the singer.

The hubby, who had been lingering at the back of the room, was relieved. The boy had made his first acquaintance.

After all the announcements had been read, everyone shuffled out to their morning Clinic Band. The groups were determined based on musical interest and ability. At the concert on Thursday evening, they will be playing Drive My Car (The Beatles).

In the afternoon, the boy was assigned to a Showcase band. The group, which was assembled based on age and musical interest, will be playing Separate Ways (Journey),
Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughn) and Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourn) at their show on Friday night.

When we picked up the boy later on that afternoon,
it was clear that he had thoroughly enjoyed his day. That said, the child was exhausted. The pressure of trying to learn four songs and the physical strain of beating on a drum kit for the better part of seven hours had taken it's tole.

The little fellow was zonked out in bed at 7:30, unable to keep his eyes open for another minute. I'm sure that tomorrow will be no different.

The hubby and I are looking forward to the concerts on Thursday and Friday night. Hopefully I will have some video to post later in the week.

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

I wondered how the first day went. I knew camp started yesterday. Zoe will be so happy to know Max is playing a Beatles song!

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad he had a great day! This such a neat and special oppurtunity!! :)

nana ha said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like quite a challenge for boy Ha...tell him Nana Ha is his #1 fan and knows he can do it!

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