The JAM... Part 2

My boy has had a good but hard week at The JAM. Never has he worked so hard or been so tired. Not only has he grown as a drummer, but he has been stretched in ways that I didn't expect.

Despite the fact that my boy literally towers over some of the older kids, he is still a little guy. My boy, though feisty, has a tender heart. He is not accustomed to spending his days with throngs of teenagers. I think that at times it has been overwhelming.

Overall the boy's experience has been a positive one. The only problem that has come up was on Tuesday. A fellow band member grabbed and clawed my boy's face because he was asked to stop whacking the boy's cymbals with the headstock of his bass. After grabbing the other boy's hand and forcefully pushing him away, the altercation ended.

I think the young man should consider himself lucky. There is no doubt that if he wouldn't have backed off, my boy would have given him a knuckle sandwich. The boy knows that he has the right to defend himself... something that I'm sure he has learned exclusively from his father.

Although, as of late, there have been vicious rumors circulating about a certain member of the Ha family. As the story goes, while sitting in her 7th grade Algebra class, a boy took things too far and ended up with a bloody nose and a pair of broken glasses. Can you imagine anyone doing such a thing? Me neither.

Eh, em...

When I picked the boy up from camp and realized what happened, I was really angry, but decided to let the hubby handle it. Contrary to what anyone may think, the papa bear is even more fierce than the mama bear when it comes to protecting their little cub. Grrrr.

After a quick email and a few phone calls, the situation was rectified. The hubby and I were incredibly pleased with how the situation was handled. The director of the program took immediate action and my boy has had no further problems.

The hubby and I are looking forward to hearing the first of the boy's two bands perform tonight. Hopefully there will be some video to post tomorrow morning.

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gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww, your poor kiddo. He shouldn't have to deal with that, but it sounds like he handled himself with maturity. He has every right to defend himself and his property.

I was worried about the teenagers at Ryley's music camp. Thankfully, his bandmates were all 11 year olds, so they got along very well. I was picturing Ryley coming home with his head filled with all sorts of things...you know? Eek.

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