Sign #2 - Holding Empty Dishes

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You know you are getting old when you continue to hold an empty dish despite the fact that the food is long gone. Allow me to elaborate...

Imagine that you are plopped on the sofa watching television or a movie. You wanted a little snack to eat... perhaps a lovely bowl of random cereals all jumbled together. While enjoying your tasty treat, you become completely engrossed in what you are watching.

Instead of depositing the now empty dish onto the nearest table or walking it into the kitchen, you continue to hold the thing in your hand for up to three hours. Why? Just because you don't feel like moving.

This very thing happened just the other night. After eating his dessert, the hubby proceeded to clutch his empty bowl for over two hours. It was only once his hand had become cramped that he realized what he was doing.

As I write, I have a clear view of yet another example of this telltale sign of aging.

My hubby is currently lounging on the sofa with an empty bowl
in his lap (he was munching on some Bing cherries). With his left hand he is holding an empty water glass while the tiny dish of discarded cherry pits rests on his chest. The man has been sitting this way for the past thirty minutes.

Once again, I find myself securely in the too-young-to-do-this-crazy-stuff category. Phew. Elderly woman status safely averted.

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Nana Ha said... Best Blogger Tips

I know it's not hereditary because I don't do that.
I know it's not old age related because I don't do that.
Maybe, just maybe, he's too lazy to get up.
Maybe, just maybe, he's waiting for you to take the item(s)away.
Hard to tell!

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe it's the inability to multi-task. I've heard that men can't do multiple things at once like women - seriously! If he's focused on the TV, an empty bowl would be non existent.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmmmm...I won't comment on whether this has happened to me before or not. Maybe with an empty starbucks cup, which isn't because I forgot about it...just want some more, and am hoping it will magically appear...lol!

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