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Here's a quick list to keep you updated on the terribly exciting things going on at the Ha house. Try not to be bored.

1. For the first time in almost ten years, I slept in until 10:15 on Saturday. I am going to pause for a moment so that you can let those words sink in. I SLEPT UNTIL 10:15. Go ahead and be jealous.

It was truly glorious. To be honest, I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be completely rested and refreshed.

It is insanely hot outside. I really have nothing more to say about that. I just felt like complaining.

3. The boys and I made our annual trek to Murfreesboro, TN on Friday night to watch the Drum Corps International competition. The corps were amazing, as always. My only regret was that I forgot to take my camera. Sigh.

According to our highly scientific doorjamb measuring system, the boy has grown almost two inches since March. One of those inches has been in the last month. He is truly growing like a weed.

The change is so noticeable that even his friends are beginning to notice. Just the other day one of his buddies proclaimed, "We were the same height a few weeks ago. Now look at you. You are really growing!"

The hubby and I are planning a family trip to Seattle and Vancouver this fall. I have never been to either place and am really excited about it. The first order of business... getting the wee man a passport.

My boy will be starting the fourth grade next week. Every time I say those words, a tiny voice inside my head starts screaming, "IT'S TOO SOON. I'M NOT READY FOR SUMMER TO BE OVER. WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE AN EXTRA WEEK OR TWENTY." Sadly, the powers that be are not listening to the voice in my head.

In the past, the classroom assignments for the upcoming year were given at the end of the previous school year. This year they will be posting the information on the cafeteria windows this Friday. The boy is looking forward to finding out who his teacher is going to be and which of his buddies will be in his class.

7. I am addicted to playing Scrabble on my Blackberry. Scrabble is, hands down, my favorite board game. My hubby, however, is a card carrying member of the I Hate Scrabble Club. It is very sad.

I have had my Blackberry for almost four months. Ironically, I never noticed that it came loaded with my beloved Scrabble. Who knows, maybe it will make the pick-up line a little more bearable.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

I with you on it's too soon for school to be starting! I'll take the twenty more weeks of summer!
Zach, also, is anxious and excited to find out who his teacher is and classmates are!! :)

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