The Big Bark

Brick, as photographed by the boy.
© shoutingforha

If you've been hanging around this blog for any amount of time, you are well acquainted with our beast-of-a-dog, Brick.  Brick has an incredibly kind disposition despite his imposing size.  He is our gentle giant.

The only exception is when an unwanted visitor comes to the house.  In that instance, Brick is more than happy to vocalize his desire for the intruder to leave the premises.  It can be quite useful at times.  Case and point...

I was outside the other day when I noticed a door-to-door salesman walking down the street.  Unfortunately, he spied me immediately so it was too late for me to dart inside and pretend that I wasn't at home.  As he approached, I called out and asked, "Can I help you?"

The gentleman stopped about half-way up my driveway and informed me that he worked for a roofing company and was trying to drum up some business.  I politely pointed out that our roof was in perfect condition and that we obviously wouldn't be needing their services.

He commented on how nice the architectural shingles looked on our house and then proceeded to try and convince me that the roof was in desperate need of a thorough inspection.  I assured him that the roof was fine and that I was more than capable of inspecting my own shingles.

The salesman replied, "A woman such as yourself would have no idea what to look for.  An inspection like this is something best done by a professional."  I rebutted with a pointed, "Thanks, but I told you I'm not interested."

At this point, the man began to walk up the driveway, all the while continuing his aggressive sales pitch.  I have to admit that the whole thing was beginning to creep me out.  I don't mind someone trying to make a living, but this guy was a little pushy.

By this time, I had completely forgotten that Brick had been lounging in the back yard.  When he heard the irritation in my voice, the beast came tearing around the side of the house, hackles raised, and let loose what I like to call "the big bark."

I wish you could have seen the look on the salesman's face.  He literally jumped a foot off the ground and with wide eyes said, "That's a really big dog."  I didn't reply.  He then abruptly said, "I don't want to keep you..." and jogged down the driveway and up the street.

As for Brick, after being showered with an overabundance of affection and enjoying a delicious salmon flavored dog treat, he spent he afternoon napping on the sofa.  Have I mentioned how much I love this dog?

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SouthJrzyGrl said... Best Blogger Tips

That's priceless! Reminds me very much of our dog Toa. Sweet as can be and would lick anyone to death if they showed him affection but too has what we call the "Big boy bark". Dogs are amazing aren't they?

Found you through the Blog Guide. Will definitely be back.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay, Brick!

Our dog is small and annoying, but I love her. She wouldn't scare anyone away, but she'd give them a decent-sized headache.

Nana Ha said... Best Blogger Tips

Where's a guard dog when ya need one? RIGHT THERE!
Way to go Brick!
(alias the gentle giant of the Ha Family.)
I dub thee the great protector of Mrs. Ha and thank you for your service and loyalty!

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