One Thousand Gifts (#55-74)

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55.  All the Christmas crafts that my boy has brought home from school over the years.  I especially love anything made with his little hand prints. 
56.  Chilly weather.  I love being able to bundle up in cozy winter clothing.
57.  The way my boy always makes sure that we don't forget to buy Brick some Christmas treats (giant cow knuckles and peanut butter filled bones). 
58.  Pull-down attic storage. 
59.  Enjoying breakfast with a friend after we get the kids off to school.
60.  Christmas cookies!  Enough said.
61.  Curling up with a good book.
62.  Writing with a freshly sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil
63.  The sound of the train racing around the track beneath the Christmas tree.
64.  My pink Diesel tennis shoes.  Not only are they ridiculously comfy, but the color makes me happy.
65. The way Brick sits waiting, looking out the front window, while I drive the boy to school each morning. 
66.  Good conversation over a cup of hot coffee.
67.  A bowl of soup and crusty bread on a cold winter's night. 
68.  Weekends spent with my family.  I love our time together.
69.  A quick game of Scrabble on my Blackberry.  It gives me my fix without forcing my hubby to endure a board game.
70.  The ladies in my book club.  I enjoy our time together immensely.
71.  The way the smell of a fresh Christmas tree permeates the whole house.
72.  Family movie nights.  I love snuggling up on the sofa with the boys and watching a good movie.
73.  The wreath hanging on the front of my truck.  Even when I am stuck in horrible holiday traffic, seeing the tops of the evergreen branches puts me in a good mood.
74.  Snow flurries.  I adore winter.

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Amy Sullivan said... Best Blogger Tips

The sound of the train around the Christmas tree and book club...I agree, I agree!

Bounced over from Ann's. Nice to meet you!

signingcharity said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to find the scrabble app for my blackberry. That would be awesome!

SouthJrzyGrl said... Best Blogger Tips

Family movie nights - DEFINITELY. My guys are grown but we still have family movie nights complete with homemade theater food. I love it. Great list!

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