One Thousand Gifts (#75-91)

75.  The way my boy looks in his super skinny jeans.  A-DOR-A-BLE.
76.  The warm sun shining in the windows on a cold winter morning.
77.  Christmas cards arriving from friends and family that live far away. 
78.  New volunteers to help with the food pantry.
79.  The simple fact that my hubby is gainfully employed.  We are so fortunate.
80.  My boy's drum teacher.  He is pushes the boy to improve his technique but always managed to keep things fun.
81.  Fresh herbs growing in my kitchen window. 
82.  A lunch for two that unexpectedly turned into four.  I am thankful for my friends.
83.  Listening to cousins talk on the phone. 
84.  My boy's drawings. His latest masterpieces:  buses that have been modified so that they can fight in a war.  They are completely crazy but awesome at the same time.
85.  Linguine with clam sauce.  Delicious!
86.  Freshly sharpened knives.  They make butchering a chicken or chopping fresh herbs such a breeze. 
87.  King Leo Soft Peppermint Sticks.  Oh, how I adore thee.
88.  Checking the weather forecast and and realizing that snow might be in our future. 
89.  The sound of my guys wrestling.  They are way too rough for me to join them anymore, but oh, does it sound like they are having fun.
90.  Falling asleep on the sofa while I watch TV with my hubby.  He always gets annoyed that I don't just go climb into bed, but I love dozing by his side. 
91.  Chocolate Caramel Cookie Brittle (recipe coming tomorrow).  You complete me.

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