A Pre-Christmas List

1.  My hubby has spent the past two days writhing around our bed in agony.  What we originally thought was the flu, turned out to be a nasty case of strep throat.  The man has been miserable.

Much to my relief, the hubby is finally starting to feel a little better thanks to the Z-Pak, an ample supply of orange juice and toast, countless popsicles and some much needed rest. 

2.  In light of my hubby's recent illness, my son has coined a new term. 

Dadsaster - The trail of messiness left in the wake of a sick dad.  Example:  "Mom, your bedroom is a total dadsaster!  Dad always makes such a mess when he is sick."

Personally, I think the boy's new word is brilliant.  I plan on trying to work it into conversation as much as possible.

3.  I am officially ready for Christmas.  The gifts are finally wrapped and stashed in a secret place so that the hubby and I can sneak them under the tree after the boy falls asleep on Christmas Eve.  It makes me feel like I'm one of Santa's little helpers.

My hubby calls it, "maximum impact."  We go to bed and it's sad and bare under the tree.  We wake up and, ka-pow, Christmas morning has arrived. 

What about you?  Are your all your halls decked and presents wrapped?
4.  I spent a solid hour crying last night as I read this post.  The heartbreaking stories of struggle, combined with the generous offers of help given by complete strangers... Well, let's just say it brought me to my knees.  

If you have a few idle minutes and a box of tissue within hands reach, pop over and check it out.  When you're done, read the follow-up post to see how the generosity of one person snowballed, resulting in 689 people giving over $40,000 to those in need.

What are you doing still hanging around over here?  Go.  Read it.  The stories will melt even the iciest heart.

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