My Collection of Hearts

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You long-time readers may have heard me mention once or twice that my hubby is an excellent gift giver.  To my delight, he is imparting his gift-giving wisdom to our boy.  I'm sure this will make some girl mighty thankful one day.

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Of all the amazing and thoughtful gifts I've been given, one of my favorites is my ever-growing collection of hearts. Allow me to tell you how it began...

© shoutingforha

As the story goes, my hubby had taken our 11-month-old butterball out in search for the perfect Valentine's Day gift.  As they strolled through the Curious Heart Emporium, the hubby paused to look at something on one of the shelves.  

My first heart.
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When he glanced down, he noticed that the boy had grabbed something off the lower shelf and was now gnawing on the object with amazing ferocity.  After prying the item from the boy's spitty hands, the hubby realized that the boy had selected the perfect gift... A silver heart.  With that, a collection was born. 

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While some of the hearts have been birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas gifts, I have received the majority of the hearts for no particular reason at all.  They are usually purchased at either Curious Heart or Pangea, and are brought home after the my guy's usual Saturday morning outing.  Whatever the reason, I am always thrilled to add yet another keepsake to my collection.

© shoutingforha

This speckled metal heart is the latest addition.  I found it, wrapped in a tiny box, at the bottom of my stocking.

© shoutingforha

For now, the majority of the hearts reside on a shelf, in a large glass-doored cabinet in my kitchen.  It's the perfect spot.  They are always within sight and serve as a constant reminder of the two most important people in my life... my boys.

I am one lucky woman.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

You are! What a special and sweet collection!

Zach saw the pictures of the hearts over my shoulder and asked if this blog was from your house... he says he sees them in this special cabinet everytime he comes over. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You forgot the one in your change purse

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

You're right! I did forget about the two tiny hearts that my boys gave me to stick in my change purse. I think about them every time I'm digging for an extra penny.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't forget the two Ha Hearts, filled with tons 'o love that you have at your disposal every time you look at Mr. Ha and Boy Ha. How lucky can anyone get? Those hearts may not be seen but you know their there and all for you!

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