One Thousand Gifts (211-222)

211.  My boy, doing what he knew was right, even though it was really hard.  I am so proud to be his Mama.
212.  Happy tears.
213.  Our gentle giant, Brick.  His sweet, and slightly graying face, still has the power to melt my heart. 
214.  An afternoon spent on the floor racing slot cars with my boy. 
215.  The sound of music playing throughout the house while I cook and clean. 
216.  The sight of a grandmother and granddaughter, hand-in-hand, skipping down the street.  The look on their faces was pure joy.
217.  Eating lunch with my boy in the school cafeteria. 
218.  The sound of the wind blowing in the treetops. 
219.  Kind words about my boy from another mom. 
220.  Giving our piano to a pair of adorable girls that desperately want to learn to play.  It makes my heart happy knowing it will be used and loved.
221.  Swapping books with a friend.
222.  Getting the giggles.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

That photo makes Boy Ha look sooo grownup. My how time flys!

Your list gives this reader pause to think and count her blessings too.

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