One Thousand Gifts (250-267)

© shoutingforha

250.  Walking on the old train tracks with two rambunctious boys, pockets weighted down with interesting rocks and old railroad spikes. 
251.  Wisps of hair tickling my face in the gusting wind. 
252.  Lilies poking their heads up out of the soil. 
253.  Family pictures scattered throughout the house.  I love walking into a room and seeing the faces of the people I love. 
254.  Brunch and deep conversation with some girlfriends. 
255.  A cup of coffee on a quiet afternoon.
256.  Laughing with the hubby at old pictures of ourselves.  How quickly clothing and hairstyles drift out of fashion.
257.  Stacks of good books at my fingertips.
258.  Homemade pie crust.
259.  Meals spent with my guys.  There is nothing better.
260.  A clean bathtub. 
261.  An hour spent playing fetch with Brick.  He is so lazy these days that I was shocked by his extended burst of energy.  What a treat!
262.  Bedtime prayers.
263.  My hubby, dressed in his topcoat and fedora, heading off to work on a rainy morning.  I'm so glad I get to grow old with that man.
264.  Laughter. 
265.  An hour spent catching up with an old friend.
266.  Girl Scout cookies, especially Tagalongs.
267.  The sound of drums and guitar echoing through the house.

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Amy Sullivan said... Best Blogger Tips

clicked over from Ann's because I saw your image. I love train tracks. I just had a good friend take lots of pics of my girls walking along the tracks. There is something about the lines of it all that I love.

Great shot and I'm pretty excited about #252 as well!

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