As Heard Last Night, vol. 14

You long time readers will know that I occasionally eavesdrop on conversations between the hubby and the boy.  I can't help myself.  I'm always guaranteed at least one good laugh.

Last night was no exception.  

The hubby:  If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing with you, what would you bring.
The boy:  Well, I guess I would bring the entire contents of my room and if you could add the television and my video games that would be great. 
The hubby:  You goof!  You can't take everything in your room!  You're supposed to pick one thing.
The boy:  I did.  I picked my room.

I have this horrible fear that in another 20 years I'm going to see my boy on an episode of Hoarders

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

now if you and mr. ha were in the room at the time he had to make that choice, you'd be included too...think about that...

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol...what a SMART boy! :)

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