One Thousand Gifts (283-298)

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"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."  ~G.B. Stern

283.  Tiny green leaves sprouting on the weeping willow tree.  I love how the long, slender branches dance in the breeze.
284.  A love note kept tucked between the pages of my favorite book.
285.  Little hands calloused by hours of playing drums.
286.  Keeping birthday secrets from a certain redheaded boy.  I don't know who's more excited about the big day, the child or his parents.
287.  Looking at the hubby and the boy, crammed side-by-side in the leather chair while they watching drumming videos on YouTube. 
288.  The gift of contentment.
289.  Freshly starched and pressed shirts.
290.  My boy gently helping me dig splinters out of my fingers. 
291.  The season of Lent... the perfect time for reflection and sacrifice.
292.  The way the shrubs look when they are pruned and trimmed.  It's so much work, but well worth it.
293.  Spending two hours on the phone laughing with my dear friend in Colorado.  How I wish we lived closer.
294.  Cousins telling "Guess What, Chicken Butt" jokes over the phone.  I love the sound of their laughter.
295.  Playing fetch with Brick.  The dog is so lazy that fetch is a rarity around here, but man, did I ever love watching him race around the yard.
296.  Waking up and not having a headache from lack of caffeine.  It only took five days!
297.  Raindrops that make red curls even curlier. 
298.  A warm dog sitting on chilly feet. 

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Craig said... Best Blogger Tips

Even though it’s Tuesday I needed more gratitude so I just came over from Ann’s.

Your whole list was awesome - but I liked this one the best: 294. Cousins telling "Guess What, Chicken Butt" jokes over the phone. I love the sound of their laughter. (I don’t have children – I have nieces and nephew a plenty though – the Chicken Butt? It never grows old) {smile}

God Bless and keep you and all of yours

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