One Thousand Gifts (299-314)

© shoutingforha

"If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful 
for what he's going to get."  ~Frank A. Clark

299.  A rainbow birthday cake (instructions coming soon).
300.  The sweet smell of a spring morning.
302.  A boy, buried under mountains of blankets, cheeks rosy from sleep.
303.  Citrus zest.  I love how it smells.
304.  Leaves starting to appear on my hydrangeas.  I am looking forward to seeing the branches heavy with flowers.
305.  Homemade calzones.  Is there anything better?
301.  Brunch with friends.
306.  Hot tea in the morning.  It's become a suitable substitute during my Lenten Fast.
307.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  I am so thankful for the man that mows our yard each week during the summer months.
308.  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.
309.  The look of joy on the boy's face as he opens his birthday gifts.
310.  A boy blowing out ten candles.
311.  Birthday wishes from family far away.
312.  Fluffy bath towels. 
313.  A cool breeze blowing through the open windows... One of my favorite things about spring.
314.  Playing Words With Friends on the iPad.  Oh, how I love a good word game.
        ***  If anyone wants to play WWF with me, my ID is shoutingforha

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hele said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a colorful (birthday) cake.
Boy Ha is lucky to have such a caring and creative mom.

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