One Thousand Gifts (413-425)

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413.  A shampoo mustache. 
414.  Six-and-a-half days left of school!  Not that we are counting.
415.  My son's hair that becomes more wild and unruly with every passing day. Haircuts are highly overrated.
416.  Weather that is perfect enough to move our book club meeting outdoors.  A cool drink, great conversation and laughing with friends under the stars.  What could be better?
417.  A day spent entirely at home.  With all the end-of-year stuff, it was a welcome treat.
418.  A herd of boys hunting Cicadas.
419.  The smell of honeysuckle. 
420.  Air conditioning.  I hate that it's hot enough that we already need it, but I am incredibly thankful that my house is cool.
420.  The dog, who likes to walk around the house, pick up dirty laundry with his mouth, and drop it at my feet.  Now, if I could only get him to wash the clothes too...
422.  Eight days without rain.  I was beginning to feel a little waterlogged. 
423.  My hubby's unwavering love for a good disaster or end of the world movie. 
424.  Hanging out with some girlfriends and having so much fun talking and laughing that I stayed out way past my bedtime (1:30 a.m. to be exact).  It was rough getting up for school the next morning, but so worth it. 
425.  Listening to my guys practice for the talent show.  I can't wait to watch them perform.

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Miko's Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your son's wet curls - yes, haircuts are highly over-rated. Book club meeting outside is enticing - I host our book club in June. What book did you read? I love the sound of cicadas!

h said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like boy ha is thinking...Mom, what are you doing? I'm in the shower.

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