One Thousand Gifts (482-496)

© shoutingforha

482.  The gorgeous Lazy Susan my hubby gave me for my birthday.  I've always wanted one for our table.
483.  My hubby, who is the most amazing dad. The way he loves our boy...
484.  Terrariums.
485.  A pork carnitas taco from Oscar's.  Delicious.
486.  Steroids that have given my poison ivy the one-two punch. 
487.  A thunderstorm after several hot, dry weeks.
488.  Olives.  I love the salty, tangy flavor of a good olive.
489.  A quiet day spent with my boy.
490.  Warm sun and good conversation at the pool.
491.  Wearing skirts and sundresses in the summer.
492.  A birthday dinner with some girlfriends.  Best of all, the weather was perfect (not too hot with a cool breeze) for sitting out on the patio while we enjoyed our meal, conversation and some live music.
493.  My little niece who turned three on Friday.  I wish we lived closer so I could see her more often...
494.  My guys, racing to see who can get dressed first so they can hurry off on their Saturday morning breakfast/drum shop outing.  I love how much they look forward to their time together.
495.  Gingersnaps.
496.  A Father's Day filled with lots of laughter, wrestling and snuggles. 

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Miko's Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I've always wanted one of those wine barrel lazy susan's, too. I'm happy you are feeling better from your bout with Poison Ivy. Gingersnaps and lemonade are a perfect snack! Happy birthday(yours?).

Court said... Best Blogger Tips

I really, really want an olive right now. Great list!

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