One Thousand Gifts (523-534)

© shoutingforha

523.  Bottle rockets. 
524.  The ten and twelve-year-old boys that moved in next door.  I'm so happy that my boy has some new playmates.
525.  My first hair cut in six months.  It felt wonderful to have 3 1/2 inches chopped off my unruly mane.
526.  A cool shower on a steamy Tennessee day.
527.  Air conditioning.  I couldn't survive the summer without it.
528.  Fresh juiced strawberries.  It's like heaven in a glass. 
529.  Ice cold water.
530.  Our beastly dog, Brick, who turned six this week.
531.  Listening to my boy play drums.  It brings me so much joy.
532.  Family lunches after church.
533.  An afternoon nap.  I feel like I am finally catching up on my sleep after all of those steroids.
534.  How excited Brick gets if you say the word, "Walk!"  He starts leaping around, barking and wagging the entire back half of his body.

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Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

very nice list....
you are blessed

Erin @ Wild Whispers said... Best Blogger Tips

Amen to air conditioning! I always feel a bit guilty turning ours on... I didn't grow up with it, but I won't live without it now!

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