One Thousand Gifts (548-600)

An extremely rare sight:  My hubby's feet in flip-flops.
© shoutingforha
548.  All my hubby's little quirks.  Like how he always wears close-toed shoes unless he's in bed or in the shower.  They make life so interesting and enjoyable.
549.  A perfectly ripe Georgia peach.  It's one of my favorite summer treats. 
550.  The last few days of summer vacation.  I'm going to be sad when my boy goes back to school. Sigh.
551.  A Chicago-style hotdog.  I know they're not exactly healthy, but sometimes nothing tastes better.
552.  The sound of a herd of boys laughing and screaming as they run through the house.
553.  My boy's freckled cheeks, arms and legs.  Our time at the beach took his freckles to a whole new level.
554.  The sight of a little boy, arms wrapped around Brick's neck in a tight hug.  Our beastly dog loves tiny people.
555.  A glass of apple juice straight from the juicer.  So, so good.
556.  My boy's tender heart and compassion for his friend.  How did I end up with such an amazing boy?
557. Waking up at 10:15.  I can't remember the last time I slept that late, but man, did it feel good.
558.  Cholula.  Gosh, I love that stuff.
559.  The life of my friend's dad.  While I am saddened to hear of his passing, I count myself incredibly blessed to have known him.
600.  The hubby and boy cheering and shouting when they play video games together.  Sometimes having a blast can create quite a ruckus.

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't think I've ever seen Jim's feet. I wasn't sure he had any...

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

I smiled at #552! I hear that sound everyday:) Love it, thanks for sharing!

Kristin Bridgman said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband won't wear open toed shoes either, drives me crazy in the hot summer time. Flip-flops are so much easier and cooler. At least your husband has a pair. Mine won't even try them. But he's wonderful in every other way, so I guess I live with it;)

Visiting from Ann's place

Danelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Came over from Ann's. I am #78, so I am visiting all blogs with "8" in them. :) So glad to come over and see your sweet list. I live in Georgia, so I know exactly, precisely, what you mean about the pure yumminess of a GA peach! :)
Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing!

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kristin BridgmanMy hubby is convinced that he is saving his toes from all manner of trauma by always wearing shoes. It totally cracks me up.

I'm glad to know he's not the only sandal hater out there. :)

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

@DanelleI have a feeling the peaches taste even better in Georgia than they do here in Tennessee. What a treat to be able to eat them freshly picked off the tree!

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