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My favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, Yum Yum, just happens to be located in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  As you might imagine, making the 1,200 mile drive for a plate of Gyros isn't very practical, so I've been forced to try and find a substitute here in Tennessee.  

While several of our local eateries come close in many regards, none have been able to replicate the creamy, lemony flavor of Yum Yum's hummus.  It is the best I've ever tasted.  Honest.  

Not wanting to live a sad, hummus-free life, I set out in search for the perfect recipe to make at home.  Every recipe I tried fell short.  Then one day I was perusing the pages of The Silver Palate Cookbook and there, on the very last page, I found what I had been looking for...  The perfect Hummus recipe.  

I hope that you will give this recipe a try.  It's so tasty, I'm sure it will become a favorite around your house too.


2 cans chick-peas (garbanzo beans), drained
1/2 c. tahini (sesame paste)
1/3 c. warm water
1/3 c. olive oil
juice of 2-3 lemons (I like mine really lemony)
3-4+ cloves of garlic, to taste
1 1/2 tsp. salt

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth and creamy, adding a little extra water or lemon juice if needed.  Correct the seasoning as desired.

Serve with warmed pita bread, crackers or assorted fresh vegetables. 

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