One Thousand Gifts (624-634)

© shoutingforha

624.  A rainy start to September after a particularly dry August. 
625.  Cooler temperatures at night, a sure signal that fall is just around the corner. 
626.  My boy's love of bike riding.  Every day after school, he cranks out his homework so he can go riding for a few hours before dinner. 
627.  A grilled PBJ.  It's not something I eat very often, but man, is it yummy. 
628.  Having an empty laundry basket for one day last week.  Now if I could just say the same thing about all the ironing...
629.  The crazy things my boy says in his sleep.  Oh, to be able to see what he is dreaming about each night.
630.  All the grey cropping up in my hubby's beard.  It reminds me of all the years we've spent together.
631.  My boy's amazing group of friends. 
632.  Watching my hubby and his buddies play music at a festival in Centennial Park.  Not only did they sound amazing, but they have such a great time together.
633.  Excitement building over an upcoming trip.
634.  A three-day weekend to spend with my guys.  

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