One Thousand Gifts (663-676)

My boy, 8-months-old.
© shoutingforha

663.  Looking at old pictures of my boy.  He's growing up so fast...
664.  Crisp, cool fall mornings. 
665.  Freshly scrubbed bathroom floors. 
666.  The smell of Method furniture polish.  I love the almond scent.
667.  A moonlit sky.
668.  Fresh starts.
669.  All of my Apple products, and the man who created them.
670.  Bumping into my hubby during the middle of the day.  What a happy surprise.
671.  Watching Project Runway.  It's one of my guilty pleasures.
672.  Having lunch at school with my boy.  The cafeteria is insanely loud, but I always have a great time.
673.  Finally finishing our taxes.  There's nothing like putting it off until the last possible minute.
674.  Getting a really great night's sleep.
675.  My guys laughing as they drive off on their Saturday adventure.
676.  Shortbread cookies.

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Jace said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing your list. Numbers 663 and 670 made my heart smile.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

and the list goes on...such a lucky girl.
love the photo of boy ha...tugs at my heart.
love ya...

Nacole said... Best Blogger Tips

hi Amy,

over from Ann's.

i loved crisp, cool fall mornings, and freshly scrubbed bathroom floors--that reminds me i need to scrub mine--i needed a little inspiration! loved your list :)

blessings in His grace,


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