Five Things I Love About Our Dog

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I know that Christmas is just a mere two days away, but I have decided to stray from that subject and talk about something else...  My dog, Brick.  I love the fur-ball to pieces and thought I would share five of my favorite things about him.  

In no particular order...

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1.  His sweet face.

I know that I am biased, but I think that Brick is one of the most adorable dogs I have ever seen.  Look at that face.  How could anyone not love him?  And those big brown eyes... They just melt my heart.

It almost makes up for the fact that he sheds constantly.

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2.  He can sense when something is wrong and always knows what to do to make us feel better.

Brick seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to the emotions of his family.  He has an uncanny ability to sense when one of us is upset and immediately rallies to our side to comfort or cheer us up.  Feeling the nudge of his cold nose or seeing his wagging tail always manages to lighten even the darkest mood.

He really is the sweetest dog. 

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3.  He is protective of our family.

Brick is truly a gentle giant but when he feels like a member of our family is threatened he transforms into a intimidating watchdog.  I especially like knowing that Brick is watching out for the boy and am sure I will come to appreciate it more as the boy grows older and starts spending time at home alone. 

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4.  He swallows pills like a superstar.

Thankfully, I don't have to give Brick medicine very often.  When I do, it's usually just some Benedryl for his seasonal allergies.  Apparently everyone, including the dear old dog, has allergies here in Pollenville, I mean Tennessee.

Unlike most dogs, I don't have to try and hide Brick's pills inside a hotdog or clamp his mouth shut and rub his throat to try and make him choke it down.  I simply shake the bottle and the crazy mutt comes running and takes a seat at my feet.  When I touch his lower jaw, his mouth automatically opens and I toss the pill down his throat.

It works every time.

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5.  His laid-back personality.

Many of our friends have dogs that are so full of energy that it's exhausting.  They are constantly racing around, barking at everything and generally being a nuisance.

Brick is nothing like that.  He is the most mellow, laid-back dog I have ever met.  Sure, he likes to go on walks or rides in the car, run around in the yard with the boy and wrestle with the hubby, but his bursts of pep don't last for long.  He has been a lazy old-souled beast ever since he was a puppy. 

What Brick really prefers is to take long naps in one of his five special spots around the house.  He loves to spend hours sunbathing and watching over his kingdom from the highest point in our backyard.  Best of all, he adores little kids and will lay motionless while they climb all over him and squeeze his neck in a tight hug.

He couldn't be more perfect.

© shoutingforha
It saddens me to realize that at six-years-old Brick is close to the midpoint of his life.  Oh, how I wish that he could live as long as I do.  He is such a wonderful dog and I cannot imagine life without him.

What about you dear readers?  What things do you love about your pet?

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