One Thousand Gifts (719-728)

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719.  Christmas cookies.
720.  My hubby's job.  I know so many people looking for work and it makes me feel incredibly thankful that my hubby has a good job.
721.  Snuggling up under an old patchwork quilt on a chilly night.
722.  Christmas shopping with the hubby.  It was fun getting out in the hustle and bustle to pick up a few final gifts.
723.  My boy's Christmas list.  It was short (he only asked for three things), but incredibly detailed.
724.  Christmas music.  I could listen to it all day long.
725.  Deep thoughts from my boy at bedtime.  I'm so thankful that he so readily shares his heart with me.
726.  The sound of the train racing around the track that is set up underneath our Christmas tree.  I especially love the whistle.
727.  All the old claymation-style Christmas movies.  I look forward to watching them every year.
728.  This season of Advent.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

the cookies look yummy.
the thanks make blessings.
quite wonderful for the ha family!

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