One Thousand Gifts (729-736)

© shoutingforha

729.  A tiny poinsettia planted in my groovy 1970's flower pot (a gift from my grandpa). 
730.  Silly wake-up songs sung by the hubby.  While he sometimes sings a bit too loud, his crazy lyrics always make me laugh.
731.  Christmas gifts arriving in the mail.  I can't wait to start wrapping them all.
732.  Sitting in a comfy chair, the warm son streaming through the windows on a cold Tennessee morning.
733.  My hubby's new office.  I love the view from all the windows and his cool, vibey desk. (I'll share some pics once everything is unpacked.)  
734.  Candy canes.  I really should remember to buy a few boxes so that I can enjoy them throughout the year.
735.  Getting a much-needed haircut.  
736.  Our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.  There's just something about that movie that makes me laugh uncontrollably. 

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