As Heard Last Night, vol. 17

As I was tucking my boy into bed last night, his thoughts turned to girls.  Well, one specific girl to be exact... His wife.  I was a little shocked because my boy is still a card-carrying member of the "girls are gross and weird" club.  

Our conversation is below:

The boy:  Mama, I'm worried about my wife.
Me:  Your wife?  You're only ten, why are you worried about that?
The boy:  What if she can't cook or doesn't like to eat interesting things?  You know how much I like good food.  
Me:  Yes, I know. 
The boy:  What if her parents don't like me?
Me:  Oh, buddy.  They will like you.  How could they possibly not?
The boy:  What if she doesn't know how to tickle my arm just right or is terrible at scratching my back?  What if she hates music and doesn't like it that I play drums.
Me:  I can see you are really concerned about this stuff.  What brought this up?
The boy:  I don't know.  I just started thinking about it and got worried.  Would you pray about it?

And so I did.  

I prayed for a wife that is a good cook and an adventurous eater.  I prayed that her family would adore my boy and treat him just like he was their own.  I prayed that her back scratching skills would be the envy of everyone.  And most of all, I prayed that she would love my boy just the way that he is... drumming and all.  

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Love his tender heart.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that is so, so sweet. Whoever she is, she must be a special girl.

And too bad arranged marriages aren't cool anymore... ;)

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