One Thousand Gifts (761-772)

© shoutingforha

761.  Walking down Main Street in our quaint southern town.
762.  Burt's Bees Hand Salve.  I love how it feels on my winter-worn hands.
763.  A cup of coffee on the first day that my boy went back to school.  The burst of caffeine helped this tired mom get out of bed.
764.  A successful shopping outing with my boy. I had to replace his pants since he won't stop growing.  This time we had to get them from the men's department.
765.  Being able to borrow my boy's sweatshirts. 
766.  Walking the dog in the crisp morning air.
767.  Watching a chick flick while catching up on some ironing.  It's not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
768.  Rosy cheeks after hours spent outside in the cold.
769.  Playing tug with Brick.  I love it when the lazy dog gets a little burst of energy.
770.  Snow days, even if there is only a dusting of snow.
771.  The sound of a vintage drum kit.
772.  Long weekends spent with my boys.

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Love your picture of our downtown!! Great one!

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