One Thousand Gifts (773-784)

773.  Waxed paper hearts hanging under my boy's loft bed. 
774.  The heated seats in my hubby's car.  Nothing feels better on a chilly morning drive.
775.  My giant blockhead of a dog sleeping with his head in my lap.  I think he would prefer to actually sit on top of me if it wouldn't nearly crush me to death.
776.  A sincere apology from a teacher who wounded my boy with her words.
777.  A mechanic who admits his mistake and then repairs our car for free.
778.  Falling asleep to the sound of rain tapping on the windows.
779.  My boy's excitement about his new drum teacher. 
780.  A bowl of homemade Matzah Ball soup on a cold winter day.
781.  Getting a set date night with my hubby on the calendar.
782.  Crushing my boy's high score on Temple Run.  He beats me at pretty much everything, so even the smallest victories are cause for celebration. 
783.  Driving around in a clean car.
784.  Baby back ribs smoked on the grill. 

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Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to read all the AMYs!!! Love your list. Especially #738 (even though I'm not) :)

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What fun! Waxed paper hearts hanging in your son's loft! I also love heated car seats, especially since I live in the Rocky Mountains. It gets very cold here at night and those seats, well, you know..... counting my gifts along with you and enjoying the transformation

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said... Best Blogger Tips

Waxed paper hearts are so much fun! Oh yes... those heated seats are so great in the winter! Yay for date night! So many wonderful things on your gift list... thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

#779 makes me smile. My son is a drum teacher, drum builder and drum player. I am glad to hear your son is excited about his teacher.

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