One Thousand Gifts (843-855)

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843.  Celebrating my boy's 11th birthday. 
844.  A perfectly ripe peach.
845.  Falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  What a blessing to sleep well at night.
846.  Getting to spend time with two friends last week.
847.  Wearing summery dresses in mid March.
848.  Sitting under an awning and chatting with a friend while the rain poured down all around us. 
849.  The sound of birds chirping as they sit in our trees.  It's a sure sign that spring has arrived in Tennessee.
850.  The smell of Method furniture polish.  I love it's almond-y scent.
851.  Freshly sharpened kitchen knives.
852.  A boy who is so excited about his birthday that he wakes at the crack of dawn.  In his mind, a birthday is as wonderful as Christmas.
853.  Watching our dear friends dedicate their sweet baby boy.
854.  A Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa. 
855.  Sunny, rain-free mornings... a welcome sight after last week's rain.

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Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for splashing me with God's goodness today. I hope you don't mind if I wade around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all good things.



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that cake is so pretty! Happy birthday to the birthday boy! It has been feeling like summer around here too, it's crazy! A Sunday afternoon nap... oh how we enjoy those too! :)

Kerri S said... Best Blogger Tips

love your list!! that cake looks fabulous!! happy birthday to your son!!

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like Tennessee weather has been similar to Indiana weather!! It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy all that spring brings. I've seen that cake before on other internet sites and thought about making one. It really looks good!!

In His Lo♥e, Ann

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